The history of the MMAE Inn, now the Hospitality House

The story of the Mecklenburg Medical Alliance and Endowment begins in 1934, when a group of physicians’ spouses formed an organization to encourage friendship and mutual support. They called this new organization The Mecklenburg County Medical Society Auxiliary. Several years later, the Auxiliary would add health education to its agenda.

In 1982, the Auxiliary established an Endowment, a nonprofit tax-exempt corporation, which enabled the organization to provide funding for health-related community projects. The Endowment’s first project, MMAE’s Inn provided a free “home away from home” for families of out-of-town and long term hospital patients.

Renamed Hospitality House in 1998, it operates today as an independent non-profit. As part of our continued support of Hospitality House, in 2006 the Alliance pledged $25,000 over a 5 year period toward the construction of a new Hospitality House facility.

Celebrating MMAE's 75th Year
On June 1, 2005, the Mecklenburg Medical Alliance (formerly the Auxiliary) and its Endowment organization merged, becoming the Mecklenberg Medical Alliance and Endowment (MMAE). To date, MMAE has distributed in excess of 1 million in funds for health-care projects in Mecklenburg County.

Looking for new ways to serve the community, the Alliance instituted a series of educational health seminars in 2006. Our current health campaign involves a partnership with MEDIC that involves the distribution of AED’s to local organizations combined with training on the use of these life saving devices.

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1982 - MMAE begins fund raising to purchase, upfit, and run MMAE’s Inn.

1984 - Established the Cannon Award given annually to a Mecklenburg County individual, who demonstrates exceptional leadership in advancing a healthier community. MMAE donates $1000 to the winner’s charity of choice.

1987 - The Shelter Medical Clinic received funding and and volunteer assistance from the Endowment.

1992 - MMAE members are part of a community effort to found and fund Teen Health Connection, a free-standing health center providing comprehensive healthcare to teens.

1993 and 1996 - The Alliance helps fund and build Habitat House in partnership with Mecklenburg County Medical Society.

1994 - Big Shot Saturday, an immunization program for children was begun by the Alliance, working in conjunction with the Junior League and the Mecklenburg County Health Department.

1998 - Co-founded with Presbyterian Hospital, MedAssist, a community pharmacy providing free or low cost prescription medicines to the needy.

2001 - The Alliance underwrites the cost of free mammographies for the uninsured as part of its Breast Cancer Awareness program.

2002 - MMAE provides initial funding for Physicians Reach Out

2004 - Violence Prevention Efforts - MMAE donated a DNA Analysis Machine to the Crime Lab of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, allowing the department to increase its ability to examine DNA evidence from a backlog of rape kits and cold case crimes.

2006 - Mental Health Symposium “The Stigma Stops Here” brings mental health experts to cover topics ranging from “Depression and Teens” to “Cultural Issues in Mental Health”.

2007 - “Safeguarding Childhood” Initiative, a program designed to teach families how to protect children from sexual and internet predators.

2008 - DVT Awareness and Prevention program brings National Spokesperson for the Coalition to Prevent DVT, Melanie Bloom, widow of NBC correspondent David Bloom, as a featured speaker, along with medical panel on the subject. Alliance also sponsored Healthwise DVT program on WTVI.

2009 - The Gift of Health Gala...MMAE celebrates 75 years of service by donating portable heart defibrillators to community organizations. In a partnership with MEDIC, initiates the “Lucky Hearts” campaign