If you’re thinking about joining the Mecklenburg Medical Alliance and Endowment (MMAE), we’d love to have you become a member.

As you probably know, our organization was originally founded by a group of physicians’ spouses in 1934. While the majority of our membership still consists of physicians’ spouses, today we welcome anyone with an interest in building a healthier community.

Membership in MMAE offers an individual an opportunity to partake in a number of activities that benefit the health of the community, such as our current health project, The Lucky Hearts Campaign.
MMAE members are an integral part of The Lucky Hearts Campaign team, involved in planning, marketing and fundraising. Upon completion of training in the use of an automatic external defibrillator (AED) by our Lucky Hearts Campaign partner, Medic, MMAE members visit schools and non-profits to present the organization with an AED.

Other health-related activities involve members serving on MMAE’s Grants and Disbursements and Cannon Award committees. Members participate in our Community Health Projects organize and plan our annual Community Health Speakers Series.

Fund raising is an integral part of any non-profit’s survival and over the years, MMAE has conducted a variety of events to raise monies for our Endowment...from the sale of Doctor’s Day cards to an Antiques Appraisal event, and our major fund raising event, the Holiday House.
Member Programs
Alliance members also know how to have fun while learning. In the past year, the Alliance has offered members classes that focused on cooking healthy foods; fashion shows; computer classes; and much more!

Each December, MMAE members hold a Holiday Coffee and bring toys to donate to U.S. Marine-sponsored Toys for Tots program.
Other recent programs for members have included a 75th Anniversary Gala in 2009 honoring “Heroes Among Us;” a luncheon that highlighted the History of the Little Black Dress; a talk by Molly Barker, founder of Girls On The Run; and GET FIT NC, an exercise challenge among members.

Annual dues are $40 per member and as we are affiliated with a number of other health advocacy organization, physician’s spouses are encouraged to join the North Carolina Medical Society Alliance; the Southern Medical Association Alliance; and the American Medical Association Alliance (AMAA)

MMAE members receive regular online communications about meetings, as well as our online newsletter, The Prognewsis. A directory is published yearly and distributed to dues paying MMAE members.