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October 2010

Eight Lights for Eight Nights:
Discovered Traditions Temple Beth El’ Gift Shop

Share the beauty, joy and peace of Chanukah with a gift from the Temple Beth El Gift Shop! In our Chanukah Shop, you’ll find games, books, puzzles, toys, for little ones as well as a beautiful selection of menorahs, jewelry, candlesticks, and pieces by international artists.

Beautify the occasion, your home, and your life with unique and treasured heirlooms. Visit the Holiday House Library to view just a sampling of what you can find at the Temple Beth El Gift Shop.

Located in Shalom park at 5007 Providence Road, stop by the Temple Beth El Gift shop or visit their website at:

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These Wonderful Things Are the Things We’ll Remember All Our Lives: Garden Works

“Remembering” celebrations past and present is part of what we do with friends and families, when we gather for the Holidays.

How appropriate that Susan Wheeler Slaughter designs with an emphasis on historically inspired American and English interiors and gardens.

Memories are what we keep inside and around us…be inspired by Garden Works gorgeous mix of traditional and floral design in the Master Bedroom and Bath.

Email Susan Slaughter for more information about Garden Works >>

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Glad Tidings We Bring to You and Your Kin!: EE Florals

Edgy and Elegant Florals … the name says it all!

EE Florals specialize in private home floral service as well as corporate events.

So, if you’re tired of your same old, same old holiday decor, then go for a new look from EE Florals. All their packages and designs are individually created to suit the client’s taste.

Jason Jordan and Ben Johnson have worked their edgy and elegant magic on the Verross home’s Powder Room and Hallway!

Check it out and call to set up a private consultation at 704-502-7695 or send them an email.

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Children Laughing, People Passing, Meeting Smile After Smile: Todd Murphy Events

Todd Murphy specializes in producing unforgettably beautiful spaces and that’s what he’s created for the Front Door and Front Porch of Holiday House. Take one look at this gorgeous front entrance and you’re overwhelmed with a feeling of welcome!

Todd Murphy Events is a unique event design company with over 20 years of creating events, decor and custom floral designs for over 20 years. As owner, Todd is focused on combining the client’s vision and ideals with his creativity to bring memorable occasions to life.

Click here to see more of Todd Murphy’s work >>

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Ho Ho The Mistletoe, It’s The Best Time of The Year: Rountree Plantation and Nursery

The Holidays are just around the corner and Rountree Plantation and Nursery can help you prepare for a beautiful holiday celebration. Their Pointsettias are grown in their own greenhouses with tender loving care. Rountree also carries a wide variety of holiday plants including Christmas Cacus, Cyclamen, Paperwhites and Amaryllis.

Rountree Plantation can help you create a warm atmosphere for your family celebrations, just like they’ve done on the Holiday House porch.

For directions and to learn more about Rountree Plantation, you’ll find them at >>

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