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We Recognize MMAE’s Alliance Angels

Once again we thank MMAE’s wonderful Alliance Angels for their support. Your generosity helps underwrite many of the Alliance’s social and educational programs. We’d like to award each of you a golden halo but we checked online and halos are hard to come by so please accept our sincere thanks!

You too can become an “Alliance Angel” and support MMAE through a $100 tax-deductible donation to help offset the cost of health programs and administrative costs. Angels will be recognized on our web site.   Click here to become an Angel today – we appreciate your support.

Meet our 2013 -14 Alliance Angels:

Penny Adkins
Gretchen Allen
Sue Anderson
Darlene Beard
Lois Benjamin
Barbara Boehm
Pat Bryant
Barbara Chamblee
Mimi Compton
Jane Craven
Debbie Darden
Marie Daugherty
Julia Elliot
Claudia Fanning
Kay Farmer
Anne Fehring
Marian Fort
Renita Fowler
Debbie Giordano
Louise Hanford
Genie Hayes
Barbara Hiestand
Kathy Howe
Janice Huff
Beth Jaszewski
Carmel Joyce
Beverly Keller
Susan Kelly
Kathleen Klimas
Linda Kramer
Donna Mauerhan
Kim McCulloch
Marylee Mokris
Jackie Palmer
Leslie Perlik
Marie Price
Eileen Ray
Patsy Reames
Paula Reutlinger
Helen Ritch
Joan Scharf
Diane Schwartz
Martha Short
Mary Jo Swanson
Gail Van Der Veer
Judy Verross
Anne Miller Vesano
Melissa Vullo
Sherry Ward
Becky Williford
Mitzi Yount
Anne Yudell

Note:  An additional donation in memory of Earl D. Short, Jr. MD was made to the Angel Fund.


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MMAE Installs 2009-2010 Co-Presidents

IMG_0364Debi Faubion Attorri and Lois Benjamin have been to serve as incoming co-presidents of the Alliance. They were installed, along with other incoming officers, at the Annual Luncheon at Myers Park Country Club on May 19th.

Guests at the luncheon included representatives from MEDIC, MMAE’s partners in the Lucky Hearts Campaign, this year’s health project.

Three Alliance members received a President’s Award for their contributions to the organization. These were:

  • Joni MacDonald for chairing the Lucky Hearts Campaign
  • Kathy Klimas for development of MMAE’s new website
  • Becky Williford for her efforts in putting together the 75th Anniversary Gala and for serving as treasurer

Anne Kahn, North Carolina Medical Society Alliance president, spoke about the programs and the link between county and state Alliances.

IMG_0346 IMG_0359 IMG_0360 IMG_0343


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New Board of Directors to Be Installed

debiheadshotDebi Faubion Attorri and Lois Benjamin will be installed as co-presidents of the 2009-2010 Mecklenburg Medical Alliance & Endowment Board at the Annual Installation Luncheon at Myers Park Country Club on Thursday, May 19th.

Both Presidents-Elect have previously served on the Alliance Board. Attorri has co-chaired the Programs Committee; Benjamin served for several years as Projects Treasurer.


Both Attorri and Benjamin, as Presidents-Elect, were members of the Finance, Grants and Disbursements, Nominating, and Personnel Committees.

Members of MMAE, visit The Inside Scoop on the Members’ Website to see a listing of the entire 2009-2010 Slate of Officers.

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