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MMAE is an independent nonprofit with a mission to advocate for a healthier community. We’ve been in existence for over 80 years and through our Endowment, the Alliance has returned well over a million dollars to the community to support health related projects.

Home for the Holidays!

The Medical Alliance is delighted to announce that Holiday House 2014, MMAE’s major fundraiser, will open its doors for tours Friday, November 14 thru Sunday, November 16. This year’s event promises to be a spectacular one with the Holiday House located on at 2148 Selwyn Avenue in Myers Park.

Currently the home of Drs. Amy and Sidney Fletcher, this two and a half story Tudor Revival features typical Tudor features including half timbering and a stucco facade. The elegant staircase displays classic diamond paneled windows and the study has original wood paneling.

2014 Holiday House The house was originally built for John and Elizabeth Everett who moved from Rockingham to Charlotte. Frank Gordan, a Charlotte architect served as architect; John Everett’s nephew, J.P. Little was the builder.

The house has changed hands many times and previous owners include local families as well as the Old Dominion Beverage Company (1943) and Queens College (1962). Originally, used as a dormitory by Queens, the house became the President’s home in 1967; prior to the Fletchers, the occupants were Queens president, Dr. Billy Wireman and his wife, Katie.

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To focus...to concentrate one’s effort or attention on something!

Think of a camera... point, focus, and, if the light passes through the lens at the proper angle...we get a clear image.

Now think of MMAE...as an organization, our focus is on healthcare. Through education and support of health-related projects, our goal is to shine a light on how Charlotte/Mecklenburg can become a healthier place to live. To achieve this goal, the Medical Alliance offers the general public and our members the opportunity to participate in of informative health educational programs.

We do this through MMAE’s Annual Community Health Luncheon, when we bring nationally recognized experts to Charlotte and invite the public to learn first hand about a specific area of health or medicine.

We also focus on healthcare through our Endowment program; Last year marked the 30th Anniversary of the foundation of our Alliance Endowment. As an organization, MMAE has provided well over a million dollars in financial support to a wide range of worthy health-related projects.

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For example, in one recent project MMAE partnered with MEDIC to provide CPR instruction and life saving automatic external defibrillators (AED’s) to Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools and area non-profits.

Along with MMAE’s educational efforts in the broader community, we offer our members the opportunity to participate in monthly educational programs of a more informal nature. In the upcoming year, monthly programs for dues paying members will feature speakers on topics that range from Cooking for Your Health to an over view on What’s Happening? - Looking at the Rise in and Research on Dementia and Memory Disorders.

In January, we heard from local author, Helen Weaver, about her new book, One Percent Chance - A Mother's Story (available for purchase on Amazon.com) which details her family’s emotional journey and eventual triumph over cancer, when the family’s 5 year old is diagnosed. Her experience provides inspiration and hope for any family that has or will face a medical crisis. Amy Wood Pasquini, marketing development director for Our State Magazine, joined us as a guest speaker at MMAE’s Annual Meeting.

Speaking of joining, we hope you found this snapshot of the Medical Alliance year of activities informative. We’d love to have you join us! Your support allows MMAE to make a difference!